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Skin | S-TPE (Super TPE)


(You save €101.74 )

Introducing S-TPE (aka Super TPE) which combines the softness of regular TPE, with enhanced durability and realism!


Tear Resistance MAX with 8x the Durability!

Stronger elasticity and tear resistance! Tested a doll with its legs spread wide, with extreme stretching of the vagina, anus, and inner thigh area for 30 straight days and the material did not tear. This is unheard of with regular TPE!


Higher level of Detail

The skin is more detailed like silicone while retaining the softness of TPE, providing optimized realistic details and skin texture.


Resists Flattening

Greater rebound without flattening. 33lbs of weights were placed on top of the butt for 3 straight days and it did not flatten, it bounced right back when the weights were removed.


Makeup and Body Paint Lasts Much Longer

The detail of the body paint is more realistic, lasts much longer than regular TPE and is not easily removed, even with mineral oil.


Additional Insights RLSD Has Learned About S-TPE to Consider:

  • S-TPE has an average success rate during production of 30-50% depending on how hot the weather is.  So while production times may be totally normal, they can also take longer if the doll has to be remade due to a failure in the initial production. 
  • S-TPE has an air-brushed realism coating that is hand applied during finishing.  This finishing gives more realism in the makeup and also resists makeup wear and even resists mineral oil from removing it.  However, this also changes the color of the TPE.  So it looks different to previously made dolls or heads made with regular TPE in the same color, or even other S-TPE heads or bodies made at a different time, as the hand done air-brushing process makes exact matching unlikely. There has always been an "acceptable range" with all TPE skin colors, and this is no different.
  • We have seen now in two instances of dolls made with S-TPE of the skin sticking to itself and almost 'melting' together when exposed to high heat weather for a period of a month or so (could be less). Therefore S-TPE should not be exposed to warm temperatures for extended periods and should be kept in air conditioned or cooler climate. Regular TPE is also not recommended for high heat climates and should be in air conditioned environments.


This is not a stand alone product. It is only available as a premium enhancement with the purchase of a sex doll.

(You save €101.74 )

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