RLSD featured on Dr. Oz Show

RLSD featured on Dr. Oz Show

Posted by Real Love Sex Dolls on Oct 03 2018

Hey, we're on the Dr. Oz Show!  Awesome.

Dr. Oz, Randi Ragsdale the Director of Marketing for Real Love Sex Dolls and Blair, a TPE Sex Doll on the Dr. Oz Show.

If you know anything about Real Love Sex Dolls (RLSD), besides being the #1 highest rated and largest seller by volume of realistic life-size adult sex dolls in the U.S.A... you may be aware of our humanitarian efforts, community outreach and partnerships with Television shows, documentary films and various news agencies.  

RLSD are outspoken advocates toward the mainstream acceptance of the therapeutic benefits of adult sex dolls, which are actually utilized by a surprisingly broad spectrum of people, men, women and couples alike, who, for the most part, remain secretive due to fear of judgement and criticism.

So the Dr. Oz show contacts RLSD and invites us and a doll to be on the show. They tell us it's going to be a sex positive show about sex dolls.  They are becoming more mainstream now and they want to feature them on the show.

Wow, great!  This is what we work to promote every chance we get, so we are excited! We are looking forward to such a great opportunity to talk about the happiness, companionship and sexual fulfillment that sex dolls can bring to peoples lives. 

We offer to invite a sex therapist who prescribes sex dolls to her patients and believes that sex dolls can be amazingly therapeutic tools for aiding people who suffer from a host of conditions including social phobias and sexual health issues. The show declines, saying they have their own therapists that regularly appear on the show, Dr. Mike Down and Dr. Laura Berman.

They ask us if any of our customers would be willing to talk on camera about their sex doll ownership and what it means to them. How exciting! We posted to our customers on The Doll Forum (TDF) and got replies from quite a few who were interested in participating in the program.  In the end, no one consented to be on camera, but the show did use quotes by some of our customers:

"Why can't I have a companion that won't ever lie to me, cheat on me, complain, make messes, etc?" - C.H. 

We fly our Blair Doll and some of our staff up to the Dr. Oz show in NYC. Backstage getting her ready they tell us she looks too young and we need to 'age' her some to make her more palatable for daytime TV. Meh - okay.  They give us some clothing, shoes and jewelry which we change her into.  We're not loving her look, but we go along with the program and she is ready to go on set!  

Then we bring her out and this is the ominous monstrosity that greets us and sets the tone for show. Well... Awesome.

Hey, this is not what we signed up for. Where is the sex positivity you lured us up here with? 

Alright, they have to set up some controversy for TV.  They are going to scare everyone with robots taking over the world and then get into the pro-side and show how realistic and beneficial world of sex dolls is. Yes! Surely that's it! The show must go on!

So we position Blair front and center in front of the sign and so it begins.  

A video plays of the awesome Matt McMullen, owner of RealDoll, demonstrating Harmony, the A.I. doll they are working on, to Christopher Trout, Editor in Chief of Engadget who is seated along size the shows therapists.    Dr. Oz starts his monologue... "Today I am investigating the startling warnings about a whole new technology I never knew existed, Sex Robots, as he looks Blair up and down.  And who are the people using them?"

Okay, that's not too bad, let's see where this goes. 

Unfortunately the 'experts' on the show talked about sex dolls replacing women, rape practices, dolls for rape etc. and the audience majority seemed to be skeptical to the idea of a sex doll.  

The real downer of the show was the hideously ugly, rudimentary robot doll, Roxxxy, by True companion with her wonky eye.  She supposedly has 5 personalities, one being called Frigid Farrah which news agencies love to jump on to give a completely unfounded blanket generalization of all doll owners as pedophiles, rapists and socially inept miscreants. 

Anything to make news, to hell that it doesn't represent the actual real people that own sex dolls. 

A positive note, the 'experts' also touched on the benefits of therapy and emotions and by the end of the show Dr. Oz said he his mind had been opened to the benefits of sex dolls. 

We have a lot more doll owner positive stuff going on, and are successfully opening eyes and minds, so the tide is changing!

"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else - means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting". - E. E. Cummings