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The Zelex Doll SLE Series sex dolls available on boast a unique proprietary Silicone blend called SLE (Safety Less-Vinyl Elastomer).  SLE is a squeezable softer Silicone blend with greater strength and realistic details than TPE. Enjoy hyper-realistic skin texture, super soft gel breasts and buttocks, and puncture-resistant hands and feet. The flexible jaw with teeth enhance the realism, and the Easy-Move eyes are a real game changer, all at an affordable price! Choose the SLE Series for the ultimate companion doll experience with the best of everything!

 Doll Features:

  • Body: Zelex SLE Series ZX171C
  • Head: Zelex SLE Series ZXE203_1
  • Skin Type: Proprietary SLE Silicone Blend (a softer squeezable Silicone, with greater durability and realistic detail than TPE)
  • Breast Fill: Gel-filled
  • Buttock Fill: Gel-filled
  • Foot Style: Standing w Balance Bolts  & firm bottom of foot for increased durability
  • Hands: Articulated fingers & firm skin for increased durability
  • Skeleton: EXP
  • Mouth: Moveable Jaw with moulded teeth & tongue
  • Vagina: Internally moulded texture
  • Delicate Body Makeup
  • Skin Tone: Tan
  • Areola Color: Pink
  • Labia Color: Pink
  • Nail Color: Natural
  • Toenail Polish: Natural 
  • Wig: #4 Long Blonde
  • Eyes: #1 Blue-Green

*Any clothing, jewelry or accessories shown in photos are for display purposes only and not included.

Ships From: Zelex In-stock USA Warehouse, or Zelex In-stock China Warehouse, depending on current inventory. Shipping is immediate either way. Shipments from the China warehouse may take 2-3 days longer for delivery.

Measurements & Info:

89 lbs
33 in
27 in
24 in
38 in
Shoulder Width:
15 in
Arm Length:
28 in
Leg Length:
33 in
Foot Length:
8.3 in
Thigh Cir.:
20 in
Calf Cir.:
13 in

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