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Feet | Standing w/ Balance Bolts

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The Standing Foot with Balance Bolts, is a strong and robust foot skeleton that allows your doll to bear her weight on her feet when standing. 


With the development of larger and heavier dolls over the past five years, this heavy duty foot skeleton was developed to handle the load, which allows for dolls of any size to bear their own weight.  The Standing Feet with Balance Bolts have been thought especially helpful and what is recommended by the factory for the balancing of extremely large breasted dolls that are extra top heavy. 


The metal Balance Bolts:

  • May cut into the flesh of the bottom of the feet when weight bearing and cause mild to significant damage to the TPE. 
  • May mar surfaces if the doll does not have shoes on. 
  • May damage and/or poke through the bottoms of socks and some shoes. 

*An alternative plastic set of bolts is also included which may alleviate some or all of the Cons listed.  However they are large and may be found cumbersome and difficult to fit inside shoes. 

(Regardless of the standing foot style you choose, it is considered best practice to support your doll when standing against something secure to help avoid the risk of falls. ie; a chair, wall, etc.)

This is not a product for stand-alone product.  This is an option when customizing a doll. 

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(You save £58.61 )

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