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Customize Your Doll

Want to specify your own option and build your doll from the ground up?  You've come to the right place — customizing your own sex doll is easy and fun! Below are all of our body styles. To begin customizing your love doll, choose your favorite body style and choose from the available options to customize your sex doll exactly how you wish!

1. Select your choice of sex doll body style.    2. Choose the head for your sex doll.    3. Choose your sex dolls skin color.   4. Choose the eye color of your sex doll.    5. Choose your sex dolls hair.    6. Make your choice of fixed or replaceable vagina.   7. Choose to have pubic hair or none.  8. If you've chosen pubic hair, choose the color.      9. Choose your dolls manicure color.    10.  Choose your dolls toenail polish color.   11. Choose whether you would like the regular foot or stand-up-feet that allow your doll to stand on her own.    12.  Choose your selection of Storage option.   13. Opt for the deluxe care kit if so you choose. 

Congratulations! You've just customized your very own sex doll and she is uniquely yours. Add her to your cart, make your payment and your love doll goes into production! Soon, your doll will be arriving at your delivery location and you can live happily ever after and fuck like bunnies to your hearts content!