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Design A Head Contest


We'd like to thank everyone for participating in our first contest! We're very happy with the amount of passionate people that submitted their fantastic and fun head ideas - we only wish we could make them all!

We tallied all the votes, and the clear winner was this astounding beauty, submitted by a person of exquisite good taste: U.B., from Germany! U.B., we’ll be contacting you soon with all the details.

What happens now? We will work with our talented sculptors and mold-makers to design a head that is heavily inspired by this stunning young lady. Since she is a real person, we cannot be exact, however, the head we create will be a wonderful interpretation, and will have a very high degree of similarity. Once we are happy with the look, we will start making real, fully functional doll heads of her, which will be available to buy on our site, by anyone. We expect her to be available in April. But hang on a second – as the winner of the contest, U.B. will receive the very first one for FREE!

This first contest was a big success, thanks in no small part to you, our fantastic doll community! We plan on many more fun contests in the future, with great prizes. We're all fans of dolls here and we want to have as much fun with our hobby as possible! Please keep track of our blog, and subscribe to our newsletter, for up-to-date news on all the awesome happenings here at Real Love Sex Dolls!

Thanks for playing and contributing! Now let's see what our lovely new head looks like, in about a month!