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NEW Premium Renewal Powder!

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Real Love Sex Dolls continues to push the boundaries of cutting edge doll care as the exclusive seller of premium renewal powder! This unique powder blend is tested safe and effective for all doll skin tones and our revolutionary powder sprayer applicator makes covering your goddess’ entire body quicker and easier than ever. You don’t even need a brush!

Premium renewal powder is made from 100% natural ingredients. Unlike cornstarch, which is chemically extracted and has chemical residues, the starches in premium renewal powder are made by drying and grinding plants into a fine powder and have no added chemicals. 

Use: apply immediately after washing to reveal your doll’s luscious, lifelike skin texture. Real Love Sex Doll premium renewal powder is safe for TPE and silicone dolls as well as other flesh-like sex toys.

Ingredients: Arrowroot starch, tapioca starch, rice concentrate (natural anti-caking agent)

And the Winner of the RLSD Design a Head Contest is…

We’d like to thank everyone for joining in our Design a Head Contest! We had a great time looking at all your fantastic, and sometimes, crazy ideas for new heads. We are incredibly gratified to have such an amazing and creative group of people joining in all the fun, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!We [...]

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We need your votes! Help us choose the winner of the Design Your Own Head Contest!

We’ve made some changes to our voting system for the Design Your Own Head Contest, in the interest of fairness and accuracy. Our new voting system is more secure, and that means the winner of the contest will be chosen by YOU. Please visit our voting page to cast your vote for the winning Head Design! To vote, you must be [...]

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Time Out Design a Head Contest!

We’ve added a new event to our site – the Time Out Design a Head Contest. The first of many more to come, this contest is all about creativity and its reward! The idea is simple – give us an idea for a new head for our sex dolls, get the most votes, and we’ll create the head. The [...]

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See us in action tonight on BONES on FOX!

Want to see a Real Love Sex Doll in action? Tonight the #1 seller of realistic high-quality lifesize sex dolls makes our small screen debut on FOX's hit crime drama BONES. Tune in tonight and meet Becky at 9/8 on FOX for The Final Chapter: The Brain in the Bot. The team must find out [...]

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New mouth option now available!

Order here!We’d like to announce a fantastic new option for our dolls – realistic mouths with permanently-attached tongues and uvula! The tongue is ultra-soft and is connected to the inside of the mouth. It’s a fantastic addition for added realism in sensation, and it makes the doll a great kisser! Maybe she was shy before, and didn’t know how [...]

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New & Improved Doll Inspection Service!

Many of you may have noticed that we recently discontinued our in-house doll inspection service.  We have now put in place a new and improved method that is far better all around. The reasoning behind the change is that once a doll has left the factory and been shipped to us for an in-house inspection, if a [...]

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Appearing on BONES: Real Love Sex Dolls!

Fans of Fox's hit crime investigation drama Bones will be treated to a very special guest star: one of our lovely RLSD beauties! Stay tuned to find out when the episode will air, and which of our lovely ladies will be appearing. She's the main focus of the plot and will be featured heavily in [...]

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FREE CBS Kit, Now Standard!

We know how vitally important a safe and convenient storage method is for your doll.  Due to the outstanding feedback of the extremely popular FREE Closet Bar Suspension Kit promotion with the purchase of a sex doll, we have decided to make it a permanent thing! Sex dolls 125cm or larger dolls now have the option [...]

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New 161cm G-cup Sex Doll Body!!

Talk about a perfect hourglass!  This is such a sexy body, totally smokin' hot!  Realistic and lifesize this doll stands 5'3 and weighs in at 79lbs. Her breasts are huge G-cups with totally compliments her deliciously curvy body.  Our 161cm sex doll is about as lifelike as it get folks!

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