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Take our new light and tall dolls for a spin!

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We’re excited to present a couple of new options for doll playtime – doll bodies that are life size, but much lighter than their sisters. The slender and seductive 157cm B-cup, and 150cm B-cup doll bodies are brand new, and have legs that go on for days! These dolls allow you to experience what taller, full-size dolls have to offer, without having to deal with all that weight.

Our 157cm B-cup doll body, at 62 pounds (28kg), will take your breath away! She’s a completely full-size doll and can use any of our big doll heads. That’s a huge amount of variety, which is increasing every day! The 157cm B-cup doll will strut her way right into your heart – and pants! She’s such an unbelievably sexy, tall and athletic seductress, you won’t be able to resist! She’s got a tight body that feels so soft, you’ll think you’ve gone to heaven. She’s just as tall as out other large dolls, she can look you in the eye. And unlike the others, she weighs significantly less! She’s easy to pose and play with. The ultimate in love and convenience! You can customize her here, and see some lovely examples of pre-configured dolls here.

And if that’s still a bit too heavy, we can lighten the load even more! Weighing in at just 50 pounds (23kg), our 150cm B-cup body is a fantasy dream come true. She’s got long, lovely legs, a pert and tight ass, and amazingly perky and squeezably-soft breasts. Her height of 150cm, or 4 feet, 11 inches, means she is just about the perfect size. She’s amazingly easy to pick up, move around, and pose. And forget about the bedroom – this doll body will have you experimenting with positions you never thought a doll could accomplish! You can customize this body with your choice of options here, or take a look at some dolls we’ve already put together, here.

We’re always developing new improvements and options for our wonderful love dolls. Be sure to check these two lovely ladies out – if you find you want to take them for a spin, you’ll know that it’s going to be a wild one!

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If it's too good to be true...

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Massively improved changes to our quality control system!

You might already know that in order to prevent mistakes, and halt shipping snafus in our doll orders, we use a long checklist, which has to be gone over step-by-step before a doll can ship. This checklist works well, but we still had the occasional ding that slipped through. It has no problems checking things like joints, movement and [...]

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Coming soon! Save BIG during our Perfect & Imperfect Clearance Sale!

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No fuss for your muff: Pre-applied Pubic Hair

Announcing a new option for dolls customized with pubic hair, exclusively available at Real Love Sex Dolls: our experts in the factory will now apply the hair prior to shipment, so that everything is perfect and pristine. In the past, we’ve provided a patch of pubic hair, in various shapes, and allowed our customers to apply the patch [...]

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NEW Premium Renewal Powder!

Real Love Sex Dolls continues to push the boundaries of cutting edge doll care as the exclusive seller of premium renewal powder! This unique powder blend is tested safe and effective for all doll skin tones and our revolutionary powder sprayer applicator makes covering your goddess’ entire body quicker and easier than ever. You don’t [...]

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And the Winner of the RLSD Design a Head Contest is…

We’d like to thank everyone for joining in our Design a Head Contest! We had a great time looking at all your fantastic, and sometimes, crazy ideas for new heads. We are incredibly gratified to have such an amazing and creative group of people joining in all the fun, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!We [...]

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We need your votes! Help us choose the winner of the Design Your Own Head Contest!

We’ve made some changes to our voting system for the Design Your Own Head Contest, in the interest of fairness and accuracy. Our new voting system is more secure, and that means the winner of the contest will be chosen by YOU. Please visit our voting page to cast your vote for the winning Head Design! To vote, you must be [...]

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Time Out Design a Head Contest!

We’ve added a new event to our site – the Time Out Design a Head Contest. The first of many more to come, this contest is all about creativity and its reward! The idea is simple – give us an idea for a new head for our sex dolls, get the most votes, and we’ll create the head. The [...]

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