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6-inch Penis Attachment


Our penile attachment for both male and female dolls too, allowing you to quickly and easily convert your female love doll into something more! The penile attachment has a long base that is inserted into the opening of the male doll, or vaginal opening of a female doll, anchoring the penis for some extra-curricular fun! The attachment features an exciting penis and testicles for maximum pleasure! The anus remains open for any penetration play. You can have fun with the penis, and remove it at any time for vaginal sex. It’s the best of both worlds!

The penis is bendable to go from erect to soft and easily tucks away into pants or underwear when desired.

The penile attachment comes in two sizes:

  • 6" Length
  • Girth: 4.5in.
  • Detailed & Veiny

Shipping Information:
In-stock RLSD Austin TX

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