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The DRYSTICK® by Real Love Sex Dolls is used to absorb water from sex doll orifices and inserts. Also works with onaholes and fleshlight type products. 

For use with TPE or Silicone sex dolls and sex toys, this reusable drystick will quickly and effectively absorb residual water remaining inside the orifice after cleaning.  Drying orifices well helps to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

See back of packaging for Illustrated instructions. 

  • To use, simply place the DRYSTICK® into the orifice and let it absorb the moisture. 
  • For vaginal and anal orifices close the dolls legs to reduce space around the DRYSTICK®. Apply light pressure with gentle massage helping the DRYSTICK® to touch all surfaces, nooks and crannies. 
  • For removable inserts, fully insert the DRYSTICK® and gently roll the insert to help reach all surfaces inside. 
  • Once the excess water has been absorbed, remove the DRYSTICK® and allow it to dry in the open air or sunlight.
  • The DRYSTICK® turns a light blue when water is absorbed into it.
  • Drying time is quick.
  • Repeat if needed.


The DRYSTICK® is a natural material mined in the Earth. 

Take care not to break the DRYSTICK®. Because of it's porous nature the DRYSTICK® is rather delicate and can be broken if dropped on a hard surface, squeezed too hard or not handled with care.




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