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Sex Doll Head #130



Sex doll head #130 is an amazingly expressive and dynamic woman! She could be doing anything - perhaps she's been struck with an epiphany, or maybe she is shocked at the size of something right in front of her! She's an outstanding addition to your home and a lovely replacement love doll head.

The #130 head is customizable with your choice of eye color, wig style and skin color when choosing your options below.  Options shown in main photo: • Fair Skin • Brown eyes •

Head Material: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), soft lifelike feeling skin.

Oral Depth: 13cm / 5.1"


  • Sex Doll Head with eyes
  • Wig
  • Neck Pipe

*Please note, this is for WM Dolls sex doll #130 head only, no body is included.

Estimated Delivery Time For This Doll


All businesses in China, including the doll factories will close in observance of the annual Chinese New Year (CNY) Holiday from January 15th - January 29th.

The average estimated production time for new orders is 4-6 weeks. The sooner you submit your order the sooner it will be completed.

Orders currently in production that are not shipped by January 15th will see a temporary pause and will resume on January 30th .

We kindly request that you please refrain from contacting us to see if your order will be completed before the holiday as it will only slow the process. The factories are very busy doing their best to complete and ship current orders, and we don't want to slow their momentum by bombarding them with status checks. When they foresee that an order will be paused for the holiday they will let us know, and we will notify you.

The CNY Holiday is the major holiday in China and is the one time of year that Chinese factory workers are allowed to travel home to spend time with their families that they do not get to see all year. They work very hard for us all year, so your kindness, understanding and above all, patience, in observance of their holiday is greatly appreciated. We and they, thank you! Two short weeks will fly right by and only heighten your anticipation!

(See Update Above) PRODUCTION TIME: The Average Estimated Production Time is 2-4 Weeks. Please keep in mind that's an average as there can be variables that determine each individual orders actual time frame.

USA SHIPPING TIME: The current shipping transit time is estimated at 15 days.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING TIME: Due to the Covid-19 situation shipping to international destinatons may incur addtional delays with many countries governments imposing restrictions and taking extensive precautionary measures to prevent the continued spread of the virus. Please check the current Covid-19 shipping restrictions and pace of clearance with your particular country. Please have patience during the extra time required for delivery to your particular country.

  Want Your Doll Faster?     Click here to see our current inventory of USA In-Stock Dolls!    Get your doll in days instead of weeks! IN-STOCK DOLLS in the USA will still be shipped during CNY.

Select your custom options

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  • Freckles for sex doll head
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  • Intelligent Voice function for sex dolls


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