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Replacement Hands


Articulated hand for the DIY replacement of broken hands of TPE sex doll brands manufactured by Jinsan (WM Doll, RLSD, OR Doll, YL Doll, Thindoll) and are custom made-to-order. Can also be used a stand alone posable hand mannequin display.

The realistic lifelike articulated hands are available in your choice of skin tone, and include: 

  • Articulated finger joints for realistic posing (no wires!) 
  • Fingernails 
  • Acrylic Base

The Price is for one hand only, but may be purchased as a set with a left and right hand, at a discount.   Made of TPE with articulated hand skeleton. 


Important Notice: Please be aware that Jinsan skin tones fall within an "acceptable range" for each color option. Consequently, we cannot guarantee that the skin tone you select will be an exact match to the skin tone of a previously purchased doll. However, if you have purchased your previous doll from us, we will provide QC photos of your doll to the factory along with your hands order, so they can attempt to match it as closely as possible. We appreciate your understanding as variations in color may occur.

Production Time: The production time for this particular product can vary due to its unique fulfillment process. In order to complete your order, we must source the arms from a doll of the same model and color that was deemed defective during its production. Consequently, providing an accurate time frame for the completion of your order is not possible. We appreciate your understanding and will do our best to fulfill your request as soon as a suitable match becomes available.

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