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Announcing our new promotion for fall – buy a new doll now, and Fall in Love Twice! When you buy a doll during this promotion, you’ll be able to choose a FREE second head, along with her eyes and hair! We also are giving you two high-quality, safe for TPE, tailored outfits, made to fit your doll like a glove. On top of that, dolls also come with our exclusive Closet Bar Suspension kit, the strongest and safest way to store your doll away, discreetly, and away from prying eyes. This promo includes items worth over $600 altogether!

A second head is the easiest way to change your doll’s look instantly, and have a little fun walking on the other side of the street! Maybe you want to be a player, or have a naughty secret affair! Change your doll’s head, wig, and outfit, and she’s a stranger, tempting you to stray. It’s okay to have more than one doll girlfriend!

With our Fall in Love Twice promotion, you can live that fantasy. You get one body, but two personalities – two heads, two wigs, two sets of eyes, and two outfits. Two lusty playmates for the price of one!

Hook up with two new lovers today! Only at Real Love Sex Dolls!