Premium Renewal Powder FAQs


Q: What makes premium renewal powder different?

A: Premium renewal powder is the highest quality renewal powder on the market and comes in a revolutionary powder sprayer bottle. The powder is made from 100% natural ingredients and is free of corn, talc, and chemical residue. It’s the easiest powder to apply, better for sensitive skin, and appropriate for all doll skin tones.

Q: I use talc / baby powder as a renewal powder. What’s wrong with that?

A: Talc was the original renewal powder used throughout the love doll industry. However, new research has shown that prolonged exposure to talc can increase one’s cancer risk. Baby powder also has a smell that not everyone finds appealing on a doll.

Q: I use cornstarch as a renewal powder. What’s wrong with that?

A: Cornstarch has been used as a safer alternative to talc, but has its downsides. Corn must be treated chemically to extract the starch, leaving residues of introduced chemicals that irritate some people with sensitive skin. Many people avoid corn for numerous other reasons, especially those with concerns about the high likelihood that processed corn products are made from genetically modified corn.

Q: What’s in premium renewal powder and what do the ingredients do?

A: The three ingredients are arrowroot starch, tapioca starch, and rice concentrate. Arrowroot and tapioca starch are created by drying and grinding plants into a fine powder, so they are free of added chemicals (unlike cornstarch). Arrowroot has been used for centuries in natural healing and is said to have natural antiseptic qualities; great for use on a doll that sees some action! Tapioca starch, in addition to being a premium starch source, is used to reduce greasiness in products that contain oils. This helps reduce the tacky, oily feel of a doll’s freshly-washed skin. Rice concentrate is an all-natural anti-caking agent that helps the starch flow easily through the powder sprayer bottle, making it even easier to apply all over your doll.

Q: Is premium renewal powder safe for me?

A: Premium renewal powder is made entirely from high-quality, all-natural, food-grade ingredients. It is not meant to be eaten, but it is super-safe to handle.

Q: Is premium renewal powder safe for both TPE and silicone love dolls?

A: Yes!

Q: Is premium renewal powder safe for all doll skin tones?

A: Yes! Renewal powder has been tested on all Real Love Sex Doll doll skin tones from white to black. They have no immediate or long-term effects on the doll skin tones.

Q: Can I use premium renewal powder for anything else?

A: Yes! Our formula works great on any flesh-like sex toys that require a renewal powder.

Q: Where is premium renewal powder made? Is it an American product?

A: Premium renewal powder is made in Austin, TX, using ingredients from the United States (rice concentrate) and non-U.S. agricultural products (arrowroot and tapioca) sourced using American suppliers.

Q: Is premium renewal powder available anywhere else?

A: Premium renewal powder at this time is only available to customers at