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Pop-on Head Connector


The Pop-On Head Connector is a convenience upgrade for WM Dolls, OR Dolls, YL Dolls and RLSD doll brands.

Gone are the days of having to take off your dolls wig in order to unscrew her head without the wig wrapping and tangling around the neck bolt.

The upgraded Pop-On Connector screws into the dolls neck as usual, and the head simply snaps onto the top of the connector for easy-on, easy-off, no-turn install and removal.


Adjusting the Tension

On the click-in end of the neck connector the are two small 3mm hex key setscrews that adjust the two small protruding tension balls. If the head is too loose or too tight on the connector, this is how you adjust the tension as needed. 

Very small adjustments can make a big difference. Turn the setscrews in (clockwise) to increase the tension - This makes attaching and removing the head more difficult but also makes the connection more secure. Turn the setscrew out (counter-clock-wise) to reduce the tension. This will make attaching and removing the head easier. Too little tension and the head may fall off. Very small adjustments (a quarter-turn) of the setscrews will make a big difference, so check the fit after each small adjustment.  


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