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SLE ZX160J + ZXE202_1

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Discover the enchanting Coco, a 160J from the SLE Series of sex dolls by Zelex Doll, designed to fulfill your every desire. With her voluptuous breasts, perfect heart-shaped ass, and thick thighs, Coco offers countless ways to play. She's the dream girl you've always longed for, and she's now at your fingertips! In-stock and ready for immediate shipping, Coco can be in your arms quickly. Want the best sex ever or just a sexy companion to spend time with? Coco is here to do it all. Make her yours now. Upgrade your life and experience your wildest fantasies with deliciously sweet and sexy Coco!

Coco features the Zelex Doll SLE Series difference, now available at These incredible love dolls are way softer than traditional silicone in a proprietary blend invented by Zelex, that offers a soft squeezable touch, yet way more durable than traditional TPE. It's everything you ever wanted in a doll material! Features include hyper-realistic skin details, gel breasts and buttocks for a high jiggle factor, and firm hands and feet that are resistant to tears and damage. The flexible jaw with teeth adds an extra level of realism too. The SLE love doll Series provides the utmost in superior quality and features at a very affordable price!

Coco's Features: As Shown In Her Photos

  • Body: Zelex SLE Series ZX160cm J-cup
  • Head: Zelex SLE Series ZXE202_1
  • Skin Tone: Tan
  • Skin Type: Proprietary SLE Silicone (Soft as TPE with greater durable and realism)
  • Breast Fill: Gel-filled
  • Buttock Fill: Gel-filled
  • Foot Style: Standing w Balance Bolts + firm foot skin for greater durability.
  • Hands: Articulated fingers + firm skin for greater durability
  • Skeleton: EXP
  • Mouth Type: Moveable Jaw with moulded teeth and tongue
  • Eyes: Zelex #4 Brown
  • Vagina: Internally moulded texture
  • Areola Color: Zelex #1 Pink
  • Labia Color: Zelex #1 Pink
  • Nail Color: Zelex #1 Natural
  • Toenail Polish: Zelex #1 Natural
  • Wig: As shown in photos
  • Delicate Body Makeup

*Any custom clothing, jewelry or accessories shown in photos are for display purposes only and not included.

Ships From: Zelex In-stock USA Warehouse, or from Zelex In-stock China Warehouse, or a combination of both, depending on current inventory. Shipping is immediate either way. Shipments from the China warehouse may take 2-3 days longer for delivery.

Measurements & Info:

91 lbs
35 in
22 in
20 in
40 in
Shoulder Width:
14 in
Arm Length:
26 in
Leg Length:
31 in
Foot Length:
8.3 in
Thigh Cir.:
23 in
Calf Cir.:
13 in

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