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Implanted Hair & Eyebrows


This option upgrades uses beautiful synthetic hair, meticulously implanted by hand, strand by strand into the TPE of the scalp and eyebrows, replacing the need for a wig. 

Implanted hair produces an uncanny realistic look helping to enhance the fantasy and bring your doll to life.  The synthetic hair is shiner and more manageable than the real human hair. 



NOTE: The TPE blend for heads with implanted hair is much firmer than the standard TPE, and feels more like silicone instead of the softness of TPE. So while oral and kissing are not ideal with heads with implanted hair, the features are more defined and realistic being wonderful for beauty, ease of care and photography. 

NOTE: Due to the firmness of the TPE, a usable oral cavity is not available with this option. 


This is not available as a stand alone product. This is an option upgrade when customizing a doll head with our without a doll body. 

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