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Closet Bar Suspension Kit™



The Closet Bar Suspension Kit™ has been proven to be a safe and secure method for the storage of your sex dolls.  The kit is comprised of custom made industrial grade parts that are 100% guaranteed against structural failure and are quality made in the U.S. A. for Real Love Sex Dolls. 

The free floating suspension of our patented storage system ensures your doll will not incur the flattening, creasing, adhesion or indentation that can and does occur with other methods of storage.

The protective dust bags are sewn of the same 100% cotton muslin fabric used by museums worldwide for the conservation of precious artifacts and costumes and are free from any dyes or chemicals. Dust bags are custom sized and sewn for your doll when your order is placed. Archival quality; our muslin dust bags offer protection from dust, humidity and airborne contaminants, while providing an additional measure of privacy when storing your sex doll.

The Closet Bar Suspension Kit™ with Dust Bags is how we store our own dolls and we highly recommend them as the best way to store and preserve the life and beauty of your love doll investment.

  • The Closet Bar Suspension Kit™ includes industrial grade attachment ring(s) and high quality weight-rated suspension strap(s).
  • Please note that the Closet Bar Suspension Kit™is intended for storage, dressing and maintenance purposes ONLY. Your love doll should remain in a stationary vertically straight position while engaged with the storage system. Please do not attempt 'use' of your doll while hanging, doing so could cause damage. Please use common sense and exercise care in handling and your doll will be able to store safely for as long as you desire. Please make sure your closet rod is strong and secure and a can bear the weight of your doll.
  • Our Museum archival quality protective dust bags for both head and body are highly recommended as a compliment to your Closet Bar Storage Kit to prolong the life and appearance of your doll.
  • Industrial style Storage Rack is available separately.

Shipping Information:
Ships from TX in 2-14 days. Multiple items will ship together in one box.

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