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Clearance Dolls 'As-Is'

This section includes brand new dolls that we have pre-purchased and have shipped to our Austin Texas office or held aside at our factory in China that will ship immediately when your order is placed.  Because we have the ability to buy in bulk we are able to offer these dolls at an additional savings to our customers over pre-optioned and custom dolls. 

Dolls shipping from TX include free UPS Ground delivery in the U.S. or overnight shipping is also available.  Dolls shipping from our factory in China have an approximate 1 week delivery time.

Occasionally we will also have 'As-Is' sex dolls discounted for various reasons. We will list all the details of why she is being sold "As-Is" in the doll's description. It could be a cut, a small defect, some sort of factory mishap, logistics issue,was used in a photography shoot, etc. Discounted As-Is dolls also include FREE UPS Ground shipping in the U.S.

Ready-to-Ship and discounted As-Is dolls often sell very quickly, perhaps lasting only a few hours.  If you are interested in purchasing an In-stock-now or discounted doll, we suggest that you check back regularly for new offerings.  

 — The Real Love Sex Dolls Team