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CBS 1/2 Kit + Head Stand


FREE SHIPPING when ordered with a doll. 

This storage system includes the Closet Bar Suspension Kit for your dolls body, and a 6" heavy weight chrome head stand for your dolls head storage. 

You will find the Closet Bar Suspension kit, not only the best and most convenient method of storing your sex doll, but it is also the easiest way to dress, clean and powder your doll as well. 

Applying makeup, eyelashes, and styling your dolls hair so oh so easy and convenient with the weight chrome headstand as well. 

Take it a step further by protecting your doll from light, humidity, dust and airborne contaminants by loosely covering her with our archival quality custom sewn dust bags.  Our dust bags are made from 100% cotton muslin fabric, the same as used by museums worldwide for the preservation of precious artifacts and will keep your dolls skin fresh, but also adds another level of privacy from prying eyes. 

  • The Closet Bar Suspension Kit includes one industrial grade attachment ring and one high quality weight-rated suspension strap for your dolls body. Makes dressing your lovely companion a breeze!
  • Please note that the Closet Bar Suspension Kit is intended for storage, dressing and maintenance purposes ONLY. Your love doll should remain in a stationary vertically straight position while engaged with the storage system. Please do not attempt 'use' of your doll while hanging, doing so could cause damage. Please use common sense and exercise care in handling and your doll will be able to store safely for as long as you desire. Please make sure your closet rod is strong and secure and a can bear the weight of your doll.
  • Also included is a heavy weight 6" chrome head stand for your sex dolls head. The perfect setting for makeup and styling!
  • Our Museum archival quality protective dust bags for both head and body are highly recommended as a compliment to your Closet Bar Storage Kit to prolong the life and appearance of your doll.
  • No closet room? An Industrial style Storage Rack is available separately.

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Ships from TX in 2-14 days. Multiple items will ship together in one box.

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