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Boltless Standing Foot

(You save $75.00 )

It's the best of both worlds!  A weight-bearing robust foot that is also aesthetically beautiful!

The standing foot option, with a stronger and more robust foot skeleton that allows your doll to bear her weight on her feet when standing but without the balancing bolts!

No more tearing up the bottom of your dolls feet or the worry of water getting inside and rusting the metal during bathing or swimming!

It's the same robust weight-bearing foot inside but without the external 'balancing bolts' that are suppose to help you balance the doll while standing (but we all know you have to rest some part of the doll against something for support anyway or risk falling).  

 Boltless Standing Feet Helps to Avoid:

  • Rips and tears to the bottom of your dolls feet caused by the skin rolling over the metal bolts when the dolls weight is on the foot.
  • Water potentially getting inside the doll through the bolt holes.
  • Unsightly bolts protruding from the bottom of your dolls feet.
  • Marring of tile floors, bathtubs and showers from the bolts.
  • Having to forgo the strength of standing feet to be able to have aesthetically beautiful feet.

(Regardless of the standing foot style you choose, it is still recommended to support your doll while standing to help avoid the risk of falls.)

 **Disclaimer: While this option is still new and until Jinsan says otherwise, the 'Standing Feet with Balance Bolts' option is still recommended for dolls with extra large breast sizes K-cup, L-cup, M-cup N-cup and O-cup, unless you do not intend on standing the doll. 

The Backstory:  We've been taking the 'Balance Bolts' out of the Standing Feet of the dolls standing in our showroom for years.  We use solid soled boots or shoes instead and find the dolls stand as well or better than with the bolts, and our dolls feet are kept pristine and lovely!  We've asked over the years, but this time the Jinsan Factory (makers of WM Doll, RLSD, OR, and YL Dolls) confirmed the the bolts are only there to help with balance.   Jinsan agreed that the bolts could be removed if we wanted, and in fact, the "Regular non-standing foot" had already been upgraded to be strong enough to bear the dolls weight (wait...WHAT!?), so hell-yeah! you basically have the Bolt-less Standing Foot right there! We then took it just a step further, requesting extra wrapping around the metal footplate.  So while we didn't exactly invent the Bolt-less Standing Foot, we did push hard for getting it made into a doll option and we are so proud to offer you Bolt-less Standing Feet for your foot loving, doll preserving pleasure!  

It appears that Jinsan was just so comfortable with the Balance Bolts for so long, they were afraid to go without them so they never let the upgrade of the 'regular non-standing feet' to 'super strong weight bearing feet' slip out! We're glad the cat is finely out the bag now and we're now making some sweet progress on the foot bolt front! 

This is not a product for stand-alone product.  This is an option when customizing a doll. 

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