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Body Heat


Warm Up to Realism: Full Body Heating for Your Love Doll

Hey there, fellow love doll enthusiasts! As part of the family, where we've celebrated a decade of pioneering in the adult love doll industry, we're thrilled to share something that really turns up the heat on realism – the Full Body Heating option by WM Doll. This isn't just an upgrade; it's a revolutionary step towards making those moments with your doll feel more lifelike and intimate.

Why the Full Body Heating Option Is a Game-Changer:

Imagine snuggling up and feeling the warm embrace of your doll, just like the warmth of a real human. That's exactly what our Full Body Heating option brings to the table. Integrated during the manufacturing process, this feature weaves heating wires throughout the doll's body, offering you an incredibly realistic warmth that makes every moment more intimate and true-to-life.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Seamless Integration: The heating system is ingeniously designed with wires running through the interior of your doll's body. It’s all done during production to ensure the heating feels completely natural.

  • Easy to Use: On the side of your doll’s ribcage, you'll find an input port. Simply connect the provided power cord here and to a wall outlet. Then, just set your desired temperature on the unit, and voila – your doll will warm up to perfectly mimic human warmth.

A Note on Compatibility:

While we're all about enhancing your experience, it's important to mention that dolls with the Full Body Heating option will not have shrugging shoulders. This is to protect the integrity of the heating lines that run throughout the body. It's a small compromise for a significant upgrade in realism and warmth.

Why Choose for Your Heated Love Doll?

With thousands of satisfied customers and a top-level reputation earned over a decade, isn't just a retailer; we're a community of love doll enthusiasts who understand and value the importance of realism and intimacy in our dolls. Our Full Body Heating option is just one of the many ways we're committed to bringing your love doll dreams to life, ensuring an unparalleled level of realism and satisfaction.

Enhance your companionship with a warmth that brings your doll closer to reality than ever before. Whether for those cold nights or just adding an extra layer of intimacy, the Full Body Heating option is your ticket to a more lifelike and snuggly experience.

Ready to turn up the heat? Customize your doll and discover how the Full Body Heating option can transform your love doll into the ultimate companion for warmth and closeness. Here’s to making your doll not just a figure of beauty but a source of comfort and warmth, truly bringing your doll to life!



1. Insert the official standard AC power cord into the heating power interface located 20cm below the left armpit of the doll.  Connect it to a standard 110v  household power outlet.  The controller will emit a bee sound.  The screen on the controller will display a default display of 48 degrees Celsius, after 4 seconds, it will switch to the real-time temperature of the doll and start heating.  The heating temperature can be set manually by pressing the + or -. 

2. Heat is transferred inside to outside.  You can feel the heat on the surface of the doll after heating for about 30 minutes. It takes approximately 50 minutes to heat the doll close to human body temperature.  Do not exceed 60 degrees Celsius.   To heat quickly, wrap the doll with a blanket.  Once heated, depending on the ambient room temperature, it will remain warm for 3-4 hours. During heating please make sure the doll is lying down with arms and legs spread slightly apart. 

3. The doll begins to heat when the red light is showing on the controller.  The controller displays the real-time temperature of the doll.  The temperature displayed will rise slowly to reach the set temperature. It will stop heating after showing a green light on the controller. If the temperature drops by 5 degrees, the red light turns on and the doll will begin heating back to the set temperature again. 

4. If the controller displays "Err", it indicates that the controller is not connected to the body of the doll, or the controller can not detect the temperature probe.  

5. Do not leave plugged in for more than 2 hours at a time.   2 hours plugged in + 3-4 hours remaining heat = heating for 5-6 total hours. 

6. Maximum surface temperature is 36 degrees Celsius = Fahrenheit of 96.8


Note: This option is exclusively available as a customization choice when creating your doll and cannot be purchased as a standalone product.

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