5ft3 / 160D Jamie


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I’m feeling really upbeat today. Not that you will ever see me with a frown on my face, but today, I’m in an unusually good mood. I’m quite happy to be here, hanging out in the bathroom, with you. Do you want to lift my tank-top and play with my boobs? Okay! My skin is super soft and inviting! You can squeeze me and feel how fleshy my body feels. My tits feel amazingly realistic, and they jiggle all over, even when you stop touching them. Now you want to pull my panties down and feel me up? Awesome! I love your hands, they feel so good on me. You can put them right on my big peach-shaped ass and squeeze. This is just, so great! I’m a supremely sexy and positive, high-quality TPE sex doll, and I love hanging out with you! I have a fully articulating internal skeleton, so you can put me into all kinds of fun and naughty positions. I really enjoy it when you touch me, and when you take me, I’m all yours, as long as you want. Why am I so full of bliss, you ask? It’s easy, really – I just never watch the news!

Jamie features WM Dolls™ head #179 and realistic lifesize 160cm D-cup body with Tan skin and other Pre-selected options.

Height: 5ft3 in / 160 cm    Weight: 86 lbs / 39 kg

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160d-179-7.pngLike Jamie's face but would rather select your own body style and options?  

No problem! Choose  a body style to customize and opt for head #179 during your selections.

Estimated Delivery Time For This Doll

PRODUCTION: Estimated Production Time is 1-3 Weeks. There are no delays. (exceptions may apply)

SHIPPING: Due to the Covid-19 situation shipping companies have reduced the number of flights they are offering and have also reduced their workforce. This causes longer queues for dolls shipping from the factories in China. Packages are lining up to get shipping space on flights. The Current Estimated Shipping Time is 2-4 Weeks. (Shipping Outside of the USA May Be Longer.)

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Select your custom options

(Please Note: Color Settings On Monitors Vary, So Your Screen View May Vary Slightly from Actual Colors.)
  • no option selected
  • Regular mouth
  • Realistic Enhanced Mouth option for TPE sex doll heads
  • regular foot option for sex dolls
  • standing foot option for sex dolls
  • regular shoulder option for sex doll
  • shrugging shoulder option for sex dolls
  • Free hook and bolt for storage that comes with your sex doll from Real Love Sex Dolls
  • Closet bar suspension kit by RLSD for securely hanging your sex doll
  • Sex doll accessories, white gloves with vaginal/anal/oral irrigator
  • Sex doll care products by Real Love Sex Dolls

(You save $500.01 )

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