5ft2 / 158cm L-cup Misha


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Note: CBS Kit & Care Kit are separate shipments.

I’m lonely. People always say, “how can such a zaftig lady as you be lonely?” But here I am, alone, regardless. What is this thing behind me? You say it’s a telephone? You’re joking! Let me call someone. Hello? Oh yes, hello to you too. It’s Grover. Now Big Bird is asking me what I had for lunch. Very funny! Since you think this is so hilarious, maybe you can stay for a while. After all, you did tease me. I can show you a couple of very big reasons to stick around. It’s so easy for my top to come off, and what’s this? The biggest tits you’ve ever seen in the flesh? I’m sure you’ve seen bigger – there is something called the internet – but you’ve never been this close. Close enough to feel the warmth radiating off them, close enough to see them moving up and down with my breathing, close enough to fall into them and go on a motor-boating adventure! You can touch me if you like. I feel so amazingly soft and realistic. I’m a premium quality TPE sex doll, and I have a full and lovely body that’s designed to catch your eye. I’m seductively voluptuous and can fulfil all your naughty fantasies. You can pose me and put me into positions just like a real woman. You can hold me, grope me, kiss me, and make love to me. I’m ready at any time, day or night. I want nothing more than to make you happy. Now please, either start fooling around with me now, or leave me alone – I have Cookie Monster on hold.

Misha features WMM Dolls™ head #82 and realistic lifesize 158cm L-cup body with Medium skin and other Pre-selected options.

Height: 5ft2 in / 158 cm    Weight: 95 lbs / 43 kg

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wm158l-82-tile.pngLike Misha's face but would rather select your own body style and options?  

No problem! Choose  a body style to customize and opt for head #82 during your selections.

Delivery Estimate

In Observance of Chinese New Year, the factories will be closed January 18th - February 2nd. Production will continue up until and resume after the holiday.

Orders that were placed on or before Jan 5th are expected to ship before the holiday. (exceptions may apply)

New orders placed after Jan 5th will begin shipping in March 2020 on a "first-in, first-out" basis. The sooner you order the closer to the front of the line your order will ship.

Select your custom options

(Please Note: Color Settings On Monitors Vary, So Your Screen View May Vary Slightly from Actual Colors.)
  • no option selected
  • Regular mouth
  • Realistic Enhanced Mouth option for TPE sex doll heads
  • regular foot option for sex dolls
  • standing foot option for sex dolls
  • regular shoulder option for sex doll
  • shrugging shoulder option for sex dolls
  • Free hook and bolt for storage that comes with your sex doll from Real Love Sex Dolls
  • Closet bar suspension kit by RLSD for securely hanging your sex doll
  • Sex doll accessories, white gloves with vaginal/anal/oral irrigator
  • Sex doll care products by Real Love Sex Dolls
  • Realistic Enhanced Mouth option for TPE sex doll heads

(You save $450.01 )

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