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4ft10 / 148cm D-cup Sylvia




Note: CBS Kit & Care Kit are separate shipments.

With the spring thaw happening, your thoughts go to an afternoon detailing your car, but Sylvia has a different idea – she wants that fresh spring smell that's everywhere to be inside the house as well. No more wintertime stuffy air in here! You whine at first – but the car, look how dingy, but Sylvia knows how to manipulate you. For each spring cleaning task, one article of clothing is removed. Soon enough she’s topless and dangerously close to losing her panties. Sylvia is an astoundingly fit and beautiful TPE love doll; a perfect companion and sex partner! Her skin feels incredibly realistic – it’s soft and supple in ways you’ve never experienced, and you won’t know if you are touching a doll, or the real deal! She has a robust internal skeleton that allows her to assume every position your naughty brain can come up with. You had planned on organizing the garage later, but once Sylvia’s panties drop, you somehow become forgetful. She has a plan for everything!

Sylvia features WM Dolls™ head #129 and realistic lifesize 148cm D-cup body with Medium skin and other Pre-selected options.

Height: 4ft10 in / 148 cm    Weight: 64 lbs / 29 kg

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sylvia-newtile.pngLike Sylvia's face but would rather select your own body style and options?  

No problem! Choose  a body style to customize and opt for head #129 during your selections.

Delivery Estimate: 3-6 weeks (Made-to-Order)

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