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2ft9 / 85cm M-Cup Torso Tierra




Note: CBS Kit & Care Kit are separate shipments.

I’ve got a secret. I’ll never tell you what it is, you’ll have to find out for yourself. I won’t ever give my secret up, you are going to have to torture me to discover it. You’ll have to run a feather lightly along my naked body, touching me so delicately, teasing and tickling me mercilessly. You might have to cover me in massage oils, kneading and caressing my muscles until I collapse in a heap of ecstatic jelly. It’s possible you’ll need to use your hands and mouth to pleasure me until I scream out. It’ll take something pretty extreme to coax this secret from my lips. You’ll need to push me to my limits. How will you do it? I’m a premium quality TPE sex doll, with an astoundingly curvy, busty body. My skin feels soft and inviting, and my breasts are so big and engulfing – I’m like a magnet for horny hands. You won’t be able to keep yours off me. I’m a partial, torso doll; I have arms, but no legs. This makes me especially fun to bounce around in bed – without that weight, I’m easy to move around and play with. You can touch and squeeze me all over, and I am completely anatomically correct. You should find out for yourself. How about starting with your pants off? What was my secret, you ask? In all he excitement, I’ve forgotten! Maybe I will remember if you interrogate me some more?

Tierra features WM Dolls™ head #195 and realistic lifesize 85cm M-Cup Torso body with Fair skin and other Pre-selected options.

Material:  Lifelike skin of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) with a fully articulated posable metal skeleton

Height: 2ft9in / 85cm

Weight: 68 lbs / 31kg

Measurements: Bust 40" - Waist 24.5" - Hips 43"

Vaginal Depth: 6.7"/17cm 

Anal Depth: 6.7"/17cm

Clothing Size: Outside of the clothing we sell here at Real Love Sex Dolls, it's impossible for us to give suggested clothing sizes for other manufacturers, as they can (and do) vary quite a bit.

When trying to determine a clothing size we recommend that you utilize the body measurements listed above to check the size chart of the clothing manufacturer to get the appropriate size for their clothing.

PLEASE NOTE: Tierra is a Torso doll - she has NO legs.

mcuptd-195-7.pngLike Tierra's face but would rather select your own body style and options?  

No problem! Choose  a body style to customize and opt for head #195 during your selections.

Delivery Estimate: 3-6 weeks (Made-to-Order)

Select your custom options

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