155D / 5ft1 Piper Doll Nozomi



Piper Doll Nozomi has a beautiful Asian face, gorgeous perky tits and a very nice full round ass. 

Piper Dolls have the head molded as part of the body, resulting in a beautiful seamless neckline with no detachable head.  Doll-Forever Platinum TPE skin is super soft and squeezable and much less oily than other sex doll brands. 

All Doll-Forever dolls from RLSD have a Premium EVO Skeleton, combined with their softer more pliable skin, gives these dolls enhanced flexibility as seen in squats and heel to butt sitting poses.  

Piper dolls now come with a hanging feature in the top of the head, hidden beneath her wig! A free hanging kit is included, allowing you to safely store your Piper Doll free from harm!

• Brand : Piper Doll
• Material : Platinum TPE
• Height : 155cm /5ft1
• Weight : 35kg / 77lbs
• Shoulder : 35cm / 14in
• Bust : 81cm /32in
• Under Bust : 58cm / 23in
• Waist : 50cm / 20in
• Hips : 87cm / 34in
• Length of Leg : 81 cm / 32in
• Feet : 21.5cm / 8.25in
• Depth of Oral : 14cm / 5.5in
• Depth of Anal : 16cm / 6in
• Depth of Vagina : 18cm / 7in
• Bra Size: 28 D-cup
• Carton Size : 160x38x27cm / 63" x 15" x 11"

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USA SHIPPING: The current shipping transit time is estimated at 15 days.

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