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See our sex doll on Broad City’s season Finale!

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Fans of Comedy Central’s hit Broad City will already be anticipating the final episode of Season 4: “Friendiversary.” And now, fans of our love dolls can be excited as well! In this episode, our heroes are celebrating the anniversary of their friendship, when a mystery unfolds in front of them. What could it be? We have no idea – but we’ve heard a rumor that one of our lovely RLSD love dolls is making an appearance, as well as a celebrity guest! Don’t miss the absurd fun and spooky danger in Broad City’s Season 4 Finale episode! Airing on Comedy Central, Wednesday, December 6.

Real Love Sex Dolls is also hosting a celebrity-studded soiree, in partnership with NSFW, to celebrate the Broad City Finale! We’ll be displaying our dolls, dressed to look like the show’s creators - Ilana Glazer, and Abbi Jacobson! Featuring fun photo opportunities with the cast and friends, it’s about as swank as a tv-viewing party gets! The event happens December 6, in NSFW’s member’s-only Brooklyn Clubhouse. We’ll have signature cocktails, snacks, our amazing love dolls, and live music by Tom Armstrong!

Don’t forget to watch our fantastic love doll on Broad City – and, we suppose you could stick around for the comedy, too! This might be the last episode of the season, but you can watch repeats on your local cable and satellite service, as well as catching up on, or the Comedy Central app on IOS and Android.

RLSD is sponsoring the 2017 Air Sex World Championships

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Listen to RLSD talk about the wide world of sex dolls on Austin’s Love.Sex.ATX podcast!

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Massively improved changes to our quality control system!

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No fuss for your muff: Pre-applied Pubic Hair

Announcing a new option for dolls customized with pubic hair, exclusively available at Real Love Sex Dolls: our experts in the factory will now apply the hair prior to shipment, so that everything is perfect and pristine. In the past, we’ve provided a patch of pubic hair, in various shapes, and allowed our customers to apply the patch [...]

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