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Perfume - Lilac


Lilac sex doll perfume is one of the all-time classic scents for women, lilac is difficult to capture in words--just like the woman wearing it! Lilac is bright and floral like baby powder, but also sweet and richly layered. This perfume is made from organic lilac fragrance, distilling a pure and smooth essence of the beloved blossom.

Made from natural ingredients, including organic fragrance and essential oils, powdered perfumes are color-safe and create a smooth, velvety life-like texture on love doll skin.

Includes application brush.

Directions: With the lid on, turn jar upside down and shake or tap to move powdered perfume into the inner sifter filter. Return the jar to an upright position and remove lid. Using the applicator brush, applicator pad or fingers, apply a small amount of powdered perfume to the neck, chest or any other desired areas.

Ingredients: Arrowroot starch, tapioca starch, dextrose, rice concentrate, organic fragrance.

Content Weight: 10g

Shipping Information:
Ships from TX in 2-14 days. Multiple items will ship together in one box.

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