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5ft3 / 160cm Male Doll Gabe




Note: CBS Kit & Care Kit are separate shipments.

Today is the third time this week you’ve had Gabe come by to fix something in the house. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. He’s finally taken the hint though, after pulling an entire towel out of the kitchen pipes. That oversize jump suit is all dirty now, why don’t you help him out of it? When you get close you can smell his musk – it’s a little wild, and it makes your head swim. You find your hands on his chest – it’s so muscular and cut. You lift his tank top and touch him all over. He doesn’t stop you. That look in his eyes tells you everything. You reach down and find his hard cock ready; it springs to attention and throbs excitedly in your hand. He’s dirty and stinks, but that won’t stop you. Gabe is a seriously seductive TPE sex doll, with a muscular and tempting body that nobody could turn away. His skin feels so realistic that you’ll be shocked. He’s always hard and ready to go. You can ride as long as you want or take control and give it to him as much as you like – he’s up for action and he doesn’t sweat the details. Now that your little secret is out, you don’t have to break stuff around the house to get Gabe to come over!

Selected Options shown on Gabe in this photoshoot:  Skin: Medium • Eyes: Gray

Height: 5ft3 in / 160 cm    Weight: 72 lbs / 32.6 kg

Click here for all measurements.

wm160m-207-24.pngLike Gabe's face but would rather select your own body style and options?  

No problem! You can select your choice of male body HERE and HERE - choose head #207 during customization.

Delivery Estimate: 3-6 weeks (Made-to-Order)

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