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4ft11 / 150cm O-cup Cheyenne




Note: CBS Kit & Care Kit are separate shipments.

I think that sometimes, the very best things in life are the simplest. This whole summer has been a real scorcher, and while it’s been nice to hide in the air conditioning, I’ve been feeling the need to get outside and feel the breeze on my face. It’s far too hot to wear anything but the skimpiest swimsuit out there, but not to worry – I know about a nice and secluded spot, where the creek widens out and makes a lovely pond. There’s a tire swing there, and the last time I went, I hit the water so fast that my suit was yanked off, and it disappeared down the creek. What if that happens when you’re there with me? I hope you’ll think of something! I’m an amazingly busty and healthy young TPE sex doll, with super-soft skin and squeezably-soft flesh, with some astoundingly large assets! I jiggle and wobble all over the place, it can’t be helped! Once you touch me, you won’t be able to stop. I feel so realistic and wonderful, you’ll become addicted to groping me! And I don’t just let you do that because you’re famous! I’m all yours, a giving and erotic companion and lover. You can go all the way and give me everything; I’ll take it all and ask for more. I’m feeling so relaxed and cool, floating in the creek – I think it’s time for my top to disappear. What should we do about that?

Cheyenne features WM Dolls™ head #163 and realistic lifesize 150cm O-cup body with Tan skin and other Pre-selected options.

Height: 4ft11 in / 150 cm    Weight: 78 lbs / 35.5 kg

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cheyenne-newtile.pngLike Cheyenne's face but would rather select your own body style and options?  

No problem! Choose  a body style to customize and opt for head #163 during your selections.

Delivery Estimate: 3-6 weeks (Made-to-Order)

Select your custom options

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