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5ft4 / 166cm B-cup Nova




Note: CBS Kit & Care Kit are separate shipments.

Your timing is perfect. I’m just finishing a cycle jacked into a brain vat, and now I’m happy to be back in my own body for once. Must pay for these souped-up adrenal implants somehow! It feels so good to stretch my toes! My intrusion barrier picked up your surveillance ages ago. Maybe you like that old junk but honestly, if you want to keep up you’ll need to get your skin job updated. I know just what you’ve been interested in – I have a map of all the zones your eyes have focused on. My, my – all in the tits and the ass, I see. Well, that’s fine by me. If I ghost too long I come back hungry for everything. And I do mean everything. Before we grab some food, I want you to take me into this broom closet and have your filthy way with me. Oh, now don’t be shocked! I’m a premium quality sci-fi TPE sex doll, and I’ve been engineered for pleasure. I need it bad, and you’re just the one to give it to me. I can satisfy every little itch you have, and I want to feel you deep inside. I have a state of the art metal skeleton, which means I can be posed and positioned in any way you desire. My body feels amazing – my skin is soft and supple and is so realistic, that you’ll mistake me for a Watanabe-McLaren Consolidated espionage model. You can squeeze me and move me around and have your way with me. Now let’s have some naughty fun, and afterwards we can drink and gorge ourselves! I’m in the mood for some hot Phobian sticky noodles!

Nova features WM Dolls™ head #168 and realistic lifesize 166cm B-cup body with White skin and other Pre-selected options.

Height: 5ft5 in / 166 cm    Weight: 78 lbs / 35.5 kg

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166-168-4.pngLike Nova's face but would rather select your own body style and options?  

No problem! Choose  a body style to customize and opt for head #168 during your selections.

Delivery in 3-6 weeks*(exceptions may apply)

Select your custom options

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$2,360.00 $2,109.00

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