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5ft3 / 163cm C-cup Holly




Note: Accessories ship via USPS separately from doll


Gardening is hard work! While I’m happy I finished planting all this beautiful greenery, now I’m wiped out! I just want to kick back and lounge in the cool breeze. What a perfect day! The only thing that can make this better is you. And I mean, can you bring me an iced tea? Thank you! Maybe I can be a little nicer to you – you are looking hot in your little shorts. My muscles are tight, can you relax me? Oh, but now your hands are making me feel warmer. I could take my clothing off, but the neighbors are so nosy. I know – let’s get naked inside, with the air conditioning turned on! That solves our problem, and the AC won’t be the only thing that’s running on a high setting. Now, where were we? Your hands all over my tight, athletic naked body. Your fingers pressing into my soft and supple TPE sex doll flesh. I feel so life-like, your cock stands at immediate attention. What am I going to go with this? You might have to get a little creative. I have an internal metal skeleton that allows you to put me into all kinds of realistic positions. You can spread me open and plunge inside or point my meaty ass into the air. You can do all kinds of things to me! I’m ready to take it all, as much as you want. I hope you’re up for more, because tomorrow I’m pulling weeds in the front yard, and I’m going to be exhausted!

Holly features  WM Dolls™ head #229 and 163cm C-cup body style, with Fair skin tone and other Pre-selected options.

Height: 5ft4 in / 163 cm    Weight: 70 lbs / 32 kg

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head-229-7.pngLike Holly's face but would rather select your own body style and options?  

No problem! You can customize your own doll in our Customize Dolls by Body section! Just choose head #229 during your customization.

Production is Delayed due to the Chinese New Year Holidays
Delivery is Expected Early to Mid-March*
(*exceptions may occur)

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