5ft2 / 158B Melody


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Most people think of the Elves as a somber and restrained folk, nibbling on hard tack lembas bread and sipping thistle tea, but that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I’m more of a honey-bread and mead kind of girl – I like my base pleasures often, and full of sweet calories. This of course extends to other things. My Elven tribe is known throughout the northern forests for our bacchanals – we drink heartily, smoke Orc-weed, and fuck. A lot. I just need to find a suitable partner to bring with me. Once I find him, I will shower him in sensual pleasures, until his belly is full of wine, and his balls are drained. I don’t suppose you’re free for the next couple of days? I’m an amazingly soft and supple, high-quality TPE love doll, and my body feels so realistic and fleshy, you’ll want to start the celebration right away! My seductive Elven mouth, vagina, and anus are waiting and ready for you. I have an articulating metal skeleton which allows me to get into nearly every erotic position you can think of. Won’t you accompany me to the party?

Melody features WM Dolls™ Elf head #160 and 158cm B-cup adult sex doll body style, with Fair skin and other Pre-selected options.

Height: 5ft2 in / 158 cm    Weight: 90.4 lbs / 41 kg

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158cm-160head.pngLike Melody's face but would rather select your own body style and options?  

No problem! You can select your choice of body and choose head #160 during customization.

Estimated Delivery Time For This Doll

PRODUCTION: The Average Estimated Production Time is 4 Weeks. There are no production delays. However keep in mind that's an average as there can be variables that determine each individual orders actual time frame.

SHIPPING: Due to the Covid-19 situation FedEx, UPS and DHL have reduced their number of flights and their workforce. This causes a delayed wait time for an outgoing flight. The Current Estimated Shipping Time is 1-2 Weeks. (Shipping time outside of the USA may be longer, depending on the state of your particular country.)

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Select your custom options

(Please Note: Color Settings On Monitors Vary, So Your Screen View May Vary Slightly from Actual Colors.)
  • no option selected
  • Regular mouth
  • Realistic Enhanced Mouth option for TPE sex doll heads
  • Option for solid TPE breasts for customizing your sex dolls
  • Option for bouncy hollow breasts for customizing your TPE sex dolls
  • UltraBounce™ ultra super soft TPE breast filling for the most realistic bounce and squeeze!
  • regular foot option for sex dolls
  • standing foot option for sex dolls
  • regular shoulder option for sex doll
  • shrugging shoulder option for sex dolls
  • Free hook and bolt for storage that comes with your sex doll from Real Love Sex Dolls
  • Closet bar suspension kit by RLSD for securely hanging your sex doll
  • Sex doll accessories, white gloves with vaginal/anal/oral irrigator
  • Sex doll care products by Real Love Sex Dolls

(You save $441.00 )

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