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100cm D-cup Noelle


Custom made-to-order and delivered to your door in 3-6* Weeks
(*exceptions may occur)


Sex doll Noelle is a sweet treat who can really put a jingle your bells! A luscious 100cm petite love doll with a sexy body, Noelle has wide blue eyes and small delicate features. Very similar to our larger sex dolls, just in a smaller size, Noelle has an hour glass figure with large ample breasts, and a posable metal skeleton. Noelle has vaginal, anal and oral capabilities. Please note, if replaceable vagina option is chosen, the doll will not have an anal orifice.

Noelle features  WM Dolls™ head #102 and 100cm D-cup body style, with Fair skin tone and other Pre-selected options.

noelle-103.pngLike Noelle's face but would rather select your own choice of options?  

No problem! You can customize your own 100cm sex doll in our Customize Dolls by Body section! Just choose head #102 during your customization.

Select your custom options

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$1,400.00 $999.00

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